Custom World Int. Passenger Backrest Mounting Bracket Instructions


All of the following Passenger Backrest Mounting Brackets are available from Value-Accessories

Part  #


On Side Rails Between Side Rails & Fender Bushings Between Mounting & Side Rails Mounting Curves Inside Mounting Curves Outside Bushings Position
Small Medium Large
01-262 Rebel 250 X X
01-263 Shadow / Spirit X              
01-264 Ace 1100 X              
01-2641 Sabre 1100 X     X        
01-26xx Spirit 750 X   X   X Front   Rear
01-265 Ace 1100 Tourer X              
01-266 Magna 750 X   X X        
01-267 Ace 750   X     X      
01-2672 Aero 750 X     X       Rear
01-268 Aero 1100 X   X X        
01-269 VLX 600, 99 + X   X X   Rear   Front
01-26xx VTX 1300 X   X X   Front   Rear
01-26181 VTX 1800C X   X X   Front   Rear
01-26181 VTX 1800 Retro X   X X   Front   Rear
01-26181 VTX 1800 Spoke X   X X   Front   Rear
02-263 VN-1500 Classic / Nomad   X     X      
02-2631 VN-1500 / 800 Drifter Brackets Installed Inside Frame X
02-264 VN-800 Classic / Standard X              
02-2652 VN-900 Classic / Custom X     X   Rear   Front
02-265 VN-1500A/B/C   X   X        
02-266 Mean Streak 1500 / 1600   X     X   Front & Rear on both sides of Bracket  
02-267 VN-500 X     X        
02-268 VN-1600 Classic 03+ X     X        
02-269 VN-2000 X   X X   Front   Rear
03-263 VZ800 Marauder   X     X      
03-264 VL-1500LC Intruder X     X        
03-265 Volusia / C50 X X X Front Rear
03-265 (Same as 03-267) M50 X X Front Rear
03-268 Boulevard S83, 05+ X X X Front
03-269 Boulevard S50, 05+   X X X   Front    
02-266 Marauder 1600   X     X   Front & Rear on both sides of Bracket  
04-262 Roadliner X     X     Front & Rear on both sides of Bracket  
04-260 RoadStar   X     X      
04-2661 VStar 1300   X   X   Front/Rear    
04-261 VStar 1100 Custom   X   X   Rear **** Front
04-263 VStar 650 Custom X     X        
04-2641 VStar 650 Classic X     X        
04-266 VStar 1100 Classic   X   X   Rear   Front

****  Medium Bushings Between Side Rails and Mounting Kit.

Normal Installation Instructions:

**    Product application is based on the stock version of the bikes listed. If you already have added accessories to your bike, some products listed on our site might interfere with your custom configuration.  If  you are installing Saddlebag Supports on top of the Backrest Mounting Brackets, you may need longer bolts then what came with the Saddlebag Supports.

If you are only installing the Passenger Backrest, use the White Nylon Spacers supplied with the kit so you don't have to cut the bolts.  If you install a luggage rack in the future, remove the white spacers.  If you are just installing the luggage rack, use the spacers instead of the backrest.  Backrest mounting bolt kits are supplied with the Custom World Backrest's.
Custom World Motion Luggage Racks only compatible with the Motion Backrest's.

Shown below installing without a luggage rack.

Shown below using a luggage rack with the Sissy Bar.

We specialize in High Quality Motorcycle Passenger Backrest and PadsWe have the size and style you want.  Any of the Custom World Passenger Backrest Sizes or Styles will work with the Custom World Mounting Brackets.
Custom World Sissy Bars are available in:
  • Square

  • Adjustable Tubular

  • Aluminum Adjustable

  • Motion Backrest

Custom World Backrest Pads are Available in:

Custom World Luggage Racks Available:  (luggage racks only compatible with Custom World Backrest Mounting Hardware)

Mini Backrest and Pad. (Square Sissy Bar) / Backrest Mounting hardware is required.

Standard Backrest and STUDDED Pad. (Tubular Sissy Bar) / Custom World Backrest Mounting hardware is required.

Large Studded Backrest and Pad. (Square Sissy Bar)  / Backrest Mounting hardware is required.

Passenger Grab Rail Available (Mini Sissy Bar), Use instead of Sissy Bar.


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