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Information for shipping larger packages that can not be sent using regular International Priority or Express Mail.


Some country's have lowered the size limit for box size that can be shipped into their country with the postal system.  Size limits are determined by maximum length plus girth (dimension around the box).  If a box were 6" x 24" x 27" the value would be 87".  A lot of the country's that we ship to are still 108" maximum but some country's like Australia have lowered their limit to 79".  Most full size windshields and one piece seats will fall into this category.

Instead of using International Priority or Express Mail, we may be able to use International Parcel Services for larger packages.  The shipping charges are more for this, but still can be a lot cheaper then using UPS.  We will give you a price for this shipping if your package falls into this size category.

Another option for shipping is to use a forwarding company in the United States and then they will ship to you.  The shipping time will still be about the same and the total price for shipping will v
ary from Country to Country.  Check with them for shipping rates to your country.

Below are the instructions for using a forwarding company from one of our Australian customers:

1.    Register your name and address with a US parcel forwarding service. There are many, but I found "International Parcel Services" to be excellent.
2.    To register with them, go to their web site and go to the link for international customers and register for free. You will then receive a US postal address that you can use. This information will be emailed to you.
3.    Inform Value-Accessories of your new US based address. Value-Accessories will forward your package to this new US address.
4.    When the parcel arrives at "International Parcel Services" they will email you to say a package has arrived for you. This email will have either links or attachments that you follow to fill in the details of what is in your parcel for customs declarations as well as for payment.
5.    Item will arrive within a week.
6.    The whole process is initially daunting but in fact is very painless. The folks at Value accessories and International Parcel Services are very helpful and always reply to emails promptly. The overall cost of using a parcel forwarding service such as IPS is more expensive than normal postage, but if the parcel is too large to use normal post you don't have any choice. I found IPS to be the best overall for registration, fees (none) and value.


Below are a list of countries that allow larger packages and their size limits.

The maximum size limit for rectangular shaped parcels of 42 inches in maximum length and 79 inches in maximum length and girth combined applies to all countries except as follows:

  1. Maximum length length and girth combined: 108 inches

    Hong Kong

  2. Maximum length 60 inches

    Maximum length and girth combined: 108 inches.










    New Zealand








    San Marino

    Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    Slovak Republic (Slovakia)








    Vatican City




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